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Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР
Ivano-Frankivsk, вул. Незалежності, 46

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Khrystyna Solovya 09 March 18:30, Sat Khrystyna Solovya Ivano-Frankivsk, Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР from 350 ₴ Khrystyna Solovya Don't wish 09 March Khrystyna Solovya Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР Buy


Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР - photo №1 ККЗ Арена-центр
Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР - photo №2 ККЗ Арена-центр афіша
Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР - photo №3 ККЗ Арена-центр квитки
Кіноконцертний зал АРЕНА-ЦЕНТР - photo №4 ККЗ Арена-центр на concert.ua

KKZ "Arena-center" in Ivano-Frankivsk: location and exterior

"Arena Center" movie concert hall is a modern venue in Ivano-Frankivsk for holding various cultural events, located on the central street of the city. The address of the institution is str. Nezalezhnosti, 46. The street, the beginning of which is usually called "stometrivka", is well known among the citizens and guests of Ivano-Frankivsk. So finding an institution is not a problem. You can recognize the building of the concert hall thanks to a special detail - its dome structure.

Capacity and features of the hall

After the renovation and restoration of the concert hall, the total number of seats is 664. The seating arrangement ensures good visibility from all corners. High-quality acoustics are the key to great experiences from music concerts.

Events held in the Arena Center Concert Hall

Guests and residents of Ivano-Frankivsk can attend various events for every taste:
  • concerts of Ukrainian and foreign artists and groups;
  • stand-up comedy shows and concerts;
  • evenings of instrumental music (classical and modern);
  • entertainment and educational performances for children;
  • master classes and trainings;
  • movie screenings and other events.
The concert hall hosted performances by such artists and groups as Stepan Giga, Kvartal 95 Studio, Druga Rika, and other well-known bands and performers.

Where to buy tickets for events at the "Arena-center" KKZ in Ivano-Frankivsk?

You can always view the poster and buy tickets for the event you are interested in on the Concert.ua website. Have a pleasant meeting and a bright holiday!