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Kiev State Academic Puppet Theater - the oldest puppet theater in Ukraine, founded on October 27, 1927 at the Kiev Theater for Children. I.Franka (present-day Theater of the Young Spectator on Lipki) on the initiative of the People’s Artist of Ukraine A.I. Solomarsky and I.S. Deyeva.

The first theatrical season was opened with two performances - “The Ancient Parsley” - the traditional folk puppet comedy in the literary work of M. Kozlovsky and “The Musicians” after L. Glibov in the performance of P. Shcherbatinsky.

The first actors in the history of the theater were F. Andrievskaya, M. Kozlovsky, O. Mikhailov, I. Zaliznyak, A. Vishnevskaya, T. Vasnetsova, G. Soroka, Ya. Zhovinsky.
October 30, 2002 By the Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, for significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian theatrical art, the Kiev State Puppet Theater was given the status of an academic theater.

The repertoire of the theater has more than 40 domestic and foreign performances, both for children and adults.

Kiev Academic Puppet Theater represented Ukraine at prestigious international theater forums and festivals in Austria, USA, Peru, Canada, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus and Russia.

At the initiative of the Kiev Academic Puppet Theater, since 1991, the International Puppet Theater Festival has been held in Kiev. Leading puppet theaters from Belgium, Austria, Canada, Slovakia, Finland, Japan, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey and other countries took part in these festivals.

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