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M82 - a new universal platform, which is located in the historical center of Kiev at ul. Mezhigorskaya 82. Here, one day can be an electronic rave, and the next - a business conference.


The creative space consists of two indoor halls with an area of 3,800 m² and 4,000 m², respectively, and also has an open area (10,500 m²).

The multifunctionality of the location allows you to conduct various events on it all year round:

  • lectures;
  • trade fairs;
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions;
  • festivals.

Convenient location is another advantage of the site. Art Place M82 is located on Podil, within walking distance of metro station im. Taras Shevchenko, near Kontraktova Square, transport interchanges to other parts of the center of Kiev, to Obolon and the left bank of the city.

Stay on top of all M82 events

The new space M82 is gradually becoming the venue for large and important events in Kiev. Dates and tickets for them can always be found out and bought on the site Concert.ua. The courier will deliver the ticket to you in person, and you can always buy it online or pick it up at the box office.