Multiplex, Events and tickets

Earlier it was reported that from February 1, 2018 Café L'Etage and the Bel Etage concert venue are being closed. Both establishments are located in the same building and are located in the center of Kiev on the street. Shota Rustaveli. Indeed, the contract between the owner of the building and the tenant ceased. A different restaurant will open in Café L'Etage. Bel Etage (under this or another name) will continue to work as an event-site. Dmitry Felixov, co-owner and head of "Kiev does not have enough quality grounds for concert, theater, corporate and business events. Following the closure of Sentrum, the news of the termination of Bel Etage's work among the organizers of the events caused grief and talk about the crisis. As a ticket operator, we understand that the organizers, artists, corporate sector, and, of course, the spectators will suffer from the closure of another "thousandman" hall. Therefore, the offer to rent Bel Etage and save him from the fate to turn into offices, we accepted with pleasure. Bel Etage is ready to meet guests and events again. It is fully staffed and still is a "Class A" site in the very center of the city: excellent sound and light are installed, security meets all strict standards, the interior meets the high demands of customers. We have already begun work on the calendar of events and discuss sponsorship contracts. At the moment the name of the site remains the same. Prior to the final formation of the organizational structure of the organization, the owners of are engaged. " is the largest ticket operator in Ukraine, as well as the organizer of concerts, including the Monatik show in the Sports Palace, all-Ukrainian tours Bumboks, O.Torvald, Brutto, etc. Concert Owners .ua at different times already managed the Opium Club, Opium Beach Club, Ultra Club, as well as held dozens of festivals and dance events: Sensation, Global Gathering, Godskitchen, Armin Only and others.