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photo #1 МЦКМ (Жовтневий палац)
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October Palace is an international cultural center and just a masterpiece of urban architecture, located in the heart of the city, on the Heavenly Hundred Heights, 1 (just a couple of minutes from Independence Square and Khreshchatyk).

The building impresses with one of the biggest theater halls in Ukraine. The uniqueness of MCCI - excellent visibility and excellent acoustics absolutely from any place!

Balconies 1 and 2 tiers or a cozy amphitheater with its own special atmosphere? Or maybe the seats in the stalls are for those who like to be in the middle of the events?So that you do not choose - it will be first class.

Shooting of famous TV shows, concerts and performances take place here. Ballet, the battle of orchestras, jazz and the eternal classics. Do not list all! Just know that in this magical place there is always an event to your liking. And tickets to one of them - a great gift for family and friends.

Are you ready to devote the weekend to art and are not averse to taking the best places in the hall? Easily. See the poster of the October Palace in Kiev on the site Concert.ua and buy tickets in advance - online or with delivery.


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