Ostrov Festival: schedule and tickets

Ostrov Festival is already a legendary festival of electronic music. This year he moved to Odessa. Venue - French Boulevard (the territory of the former climbing wall). You can get there easily by public transport from the city center.

Another plus - the festival is held by the sea, there is a separate beach area. The organizers offer a number of unique events that will stay with you for the whole year. A picturesque place in combination with first-class music - what could be better? Several dance floors will give you a choice. The Ostrov Festival-2018 will feature the best performers of the domestic and world techno-scene! Only the most relevant electronic music!

To get acquainted with the whole list of events and choose the most interesting you can at concert.ua. Dissolve in vibrations and sounds!

Odessa, French Boulevard, the territory of the former climbing wall