Palace of Culture "Listopad", Events and tickets

The Palace of Culture «Lystopad» in Poltava is an attractive place for leisure. The building is located on Sobornosti (Zhovtneva) Str., 58.

Poltava recreation center «Lystopad» was opened in 2003. Today I am ready to compete with many concert halls in Ukraine and Europe, thanks to modern technical equipment, a beautiful interior and a spacious room with 1200 seats.

The Palace of Culture «Lystopad» in Poltava was designed in accordance with European requirements, combined with elements of local color. Excellent acoustics in the halls and stage equipment allow for grandiose performances. Advanced lighting and computer equipment ensures the presence in the repertoire of show programs with incredible special effects.

The cozy atmosphere, a varied program, spectacular performances by professional groups ensured the popularity of the Poltava recreation center «Lystopad» for guests and residents of the city. In addition to music events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and creative evenings are regularly held here.

Do not want to miss an important event in Poltava? Follow the events of the «Lystopad» Palace of Culture on the website and order tickets online and with delivery.

Poltava, Oktyabrskaya Street 58

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