Russian theater, Events and tickets

At the moment, the Russian Theater is the oldest among all theaters in southern Ukraine. It was founded at the end of the 19th century by a famous patron by the name of the Giants. Its main purpose at that moment was the presentation of the most popular and beloved drum troupe in Odessa, Miloslavsky.

The first name of the main stage of Odessa “Theater Velikanova” did not last long, already in 1876 the founder resells his brainchild to the new owner, who renames the theatrical stage in the “Russian theater”. Up until 1917, the most famous troupes from Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France shone here.

The repertoire of the theater is very extensive - dramas, operettas, monologues, musical comedies and musicals. After the revolution, some renovations were carried out in the theater building, and it received the final name of the Odessa State Russian Drama Theater.

In 2001, the institution was closed for almost 2 years to carry out reconstruction of the stage and interior. After a major overhaul, the theater again opened its doors to the audience. Refreshment of appearance influenced the repertoire of the theater.

New young actors came to the troupe, whose talent the viewer has already managed to fully appreciate. Taking the best performances as a basis for the repertoire, the theater proposed several new productions, which were favorably received by critics.

In 2009, the Odessa Theater received academic status.

Odessa, st. Greek, 48