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The «Sady Peremohy» concert hall in Odesa is a favorite place for connoisseurs of quality music in the city by the sea. The building is located on April 10th Square.

Professional American sound equipment of the Odesa concert hall «Sady Peremohy» creates an amazing acoustic effect and perfectly conveys the sound of various musical instruments. High End Systems, specialists in the field of professional lighting sources, is responsible for the lighting equipment.

A harmonious combination of high qualities of sound and lighting equipment, a well-thought-out layout of space and a comfortable atmosphere of the hall allows visitors to the «Sady Peremohy» concert hall in Odesa to get the most out of every visit.

World-class opera and pop singers, famous theater and art groups perform on stage. Modern shows with laser and video effects will take visitors to the fantastic world of musical and visual images.

Do not want to miss the upcoming grand concert? Find out the poster of the concert hall «Sady Peremohy» in Odesa on the website. Buy tickets for your favorite event from the schedule for the coming days online or with courier delivery.

Odesa, April 10th square

Closest events

MACHETE 29 February 21:00, Sat MACHETE Odesa, Sady Pobedy from 11.67 EUR MACHETE Don't wish 29 February MACHETE Sady Pobedy Buy BEZ OBMEZHEN 30% на другий 07 March 21:30, Sat BEZ OBMEZHEN Odesa, Sady Pobedy from 18.33 EUR BEZ OBMEZHEN Don't wish 07 March BEZ OBMEZHEN Sady Pobedy Buy NK. Nastia Kamenskyh and The Deti Fidelya 08 March 21:00, Sun NK. Nastia Kamenskyh and The Deti Fidelya Odesa, Sady Pobedy from 21.67 EUR NK. Nastia Kamenskyh and The Deti Fidelya Don't wish 08 March NK. Nastia Kamenskyh and The Deti Fidelya Sady Pobedy Buy Corruption 10 April 21:00, Fri Corruption Odesa, Sady Pobedy from 13.33 EUR Corruption Don't wish 10 April Corruption Sady Pobedy Buy