: schedule and tickets

Calm down. This is not the name of a new night club and not a concert in the spirit of "a, we'll hold where it will turn out."

Thus, information about the venue is given in two cases:

1. When the artist / organizer has not yet decided on the location, choosing the best (and there are a lot of criteria, believe me, there is a convenient location, and a sound quality, capacity, and, of course, the right atmosphere);

2. When everything is already known and planned, but there is a special intrigue for fans.

Agree, getting a ticket, but not yet knowing where the concert will be held - you feel a light, pleasant excitement, with goosebumps. And the announcement of the site becomes one more event on the way to the coveted date.

In general, don`t panic - the unfortunate option will not be exactly. And there are no people in the world who would make a choice in favor of the place, which will disappoint the public. See the playbill of concerts lurking in secret places and do not be afraid of the unknown - everything will be cool. But there are fewer tickets every day, so ...