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Secret place
Kyiv, Secret place

Mysterious inscription, mistake in the description of the event or the name of the new Kiev club?

Secret Place - the conscious choice of the artist or organizer to not yet disclose the venue of the concert.

This can be done for various reasons:

  1. A little intrigue for fans.
  2. It has not yet been decided which location the show will take place in.

And it depends on many factors: the number of people, the filling of the program, the necessary atmosphere, the installation of lighting and sound equipment, the date of the event. Any concert venue, including the secretplace, is chosen with special care so that both the artist and the audience are comfortable.

Someone is delighted with such announcements, others - it is more convenient to know everything at once. But, a mysterious label like “Kiev, Secret Place” on tickets is found not only in the capital, but in cities throughout Ukraine.

If you purchased a ticket before the announcement of the site (the right decision - at the start of sales, ticket prices are always the lowest), and soon the location was announced, your secret ticket is valid! You don’t need to exchange anything, just come to the event.

How to find out where the meeting with your favorite artist will take place? This is a secret that will soon be revealed: follow us on social networks or just go to the Concert.ua website.

See you at the concerts!