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Students' Day 25 January 22:00, Fri Students' Day Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR Students' Day Don't wish 25 January Students' Day Buy Student's day Student's day 1 Event Student's day 25.01 - 26.01.2019 STUDENT'S DAY PARTY TAO 26 January 22:00, Sat STUDENT'S DAY PARTY TAO Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR STUDENT'S DAY PARTY TAO Don't wish 26 January STUDENT'S DAY PARTY TAO Buy BRYKULETS. Recital 15 February 19:00, Fri BRYKULETS. Recital Kyiv, from 6.06 EUR BRYKULETS. Recital Don't wish 15 February BRYKULETS. Recital Buy Happy Valentine's Day TAO 15 February 22:00, Fri Happy Valentine's Day TAO Kyiv, from 3.03 EUR Happy Valentine's Day TAO Don't wish 15 February Happy Valentine's Day TAO Buy GIRLZZ DAY PARTY 08 March 22:00, Fri GIRLZZ DAY PARTY Kyiv, from 6.03 EUR GIRLZZ DAY PARTY Don't wish 08 March GIRLZZ DAY PARTY Buy Oscar Party TAO 29 March 22:00, Fri Oscar Party TAO Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR Oscar Party TAO Don't wish 29 March Oscar Party TAO Buy Chocolate Party TAO 17 May 22:00, Fri Chocolate Party TAO Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR Chocolate Party TAO Don't wish 17 May Chocolate Party TAO Buy RED LIPS PARTY 31 May 22:00, Fri RED LIPS PARTY Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR RED LIPS PARTY Don't wish 31 May RED LIPS PARTY Buy END OF SESSION PARTY 27 June 22:00, Thu END OF SESSION PARTY Kyiv, from 4.55 EUR END OF SESSION PARTY Don't wish 27 June END OF SESSION PARTY Buy