Golden Gate Theater: schedule and tickets


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For more than 35 years, the Golden Gate Theater has been a real magnet for fans of the art of drama. Residents and guests of the capital often look into the theater to truly relax their souls. You will easily find an institution. Address - st. Silk, 7-a.

The capital cannot be blamed for the shortage of theaters. But, despite the huge selection, Kievans and tourists still often prefer the Melpomene Temple over Shelkovichnaya. And sometimes it is extremely difficult to snatch an “extra” ticket for the long-awaited premiere.

Golden Gate Theater is a middle name that has existed since 1990. Before the institution everyone knew as the Theater of Poetry. And only the staging of the play of the same name by Leonid Gorlach gave a modern name. Has been managing the theater since March 2019, Ksenia Romashenko.

The European approach and the professionalism of actors and directors are the main milestones of the success of the theater. The repertoire is famous for its genre diversity. On stage are the works of Ukrainian and foreign playwrights:

  • "Mozart and Salieri";
  • "Notre Dame Cathedral";
  • Caligula
  • "Maroussia Churai";
  • Eurydice.

The achievements of the team have been awarded numerous prizes at the national and international levels. Among them - the highest rating of the festival in Edinburgh, 5 stars.

The names of the actors who played in the theater are delights for the ears of true connoisseurs: Alexei Vertinsky, Nina Matvienko, Rimma Zyubina, Anton Mukharsky, Larisa Rusnak and others.

How to buy tickets for events at the Golden Gate Theater

See the theater poster and immediately order tickets for events on the website. By placing an order online, you save time. Tickets come to your email a few seconds after the payment. Also do not miss the opportunity to present a wonderful gift to your relatives and friends: order a courier to deliver tickets.

See you at the next premiere!

Kiev, st. Silk, 7A