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photo #1 Театр Золоті Ворота
photo #2 Театр Золоті Ворота афіша
photo #3 Театр Золоті Ворота квитки
photo #4 Театр Золоті Ворота на concert.ua
photo #5 Театр Золоті Ворота фото
photo #6 Театр Золоті Ворота піти

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Colors 21 September 19:00, Sat Colors Kyiv, There're no tickets Colors Don't wish 21 September Colors Buy Defective people 22 September 19:00, Sun Defective people Kyiv, from 6.67 EUR Defective people Don't wish 22 September Defective people Buy Queen of beauty 24 September 19:00, Tue Queen of beauty Kyiv, from 10 EUR Queen of beauty Don't wish 24 September Queen of beauty Buy Take everything from life 25 September 19:00, Wed Take everything from life Kyiv, from 5 EUR Take everything from life Don't wish 25 September Take everything from life Buy No dinner tonight 26 September 19:00, Thu No dinner tonight Kyiv, from 7.33 EUR No dinner tonight Don't wish 26 September No dinner tonight Buy Richard III 27 September 19:00, Fri Richard III Kyiv, from 8.33 EUR Richard III Don't wish 27 September Richard III Buy Hedda Gabler 28 September 19:00, Sat Hedda Gabler Kyiv, from 7.33 EUR Hedda Gabler Don't wish 28 September Hedda Gabler Buy Cripples 29 September 19:00, Sun Cripples Kyiv, from 8.33 EUR Cripples Don't wish 29 September Cripples Buy