Odessa Regional Puppet Theater: schedule and tickets

In the puppet theater kids for the first time in their lives meet with the action, which is called the theater. That's how they can be prepared for "adult" ideas, with which they will meet at a more conscious age. With the help of dolls, theater actors tell children stories that teach them good, honesty, love, friendship, nobility, justice, help to know this world.

Here dolls are very similar to people. Awake in the hands of real masters, they rejoice, grieve, quarrel and make up, but every fairy tale always ends well, to the great joy of the little ones who begin to strive to make life look like a fairy tale with a good end, learning to do the right things.

Currently, the puppet theater's repertoire includes more than 20 performances based on the works of domestic and foreign authors, of various genres that will surely be of interest to both the kids and their parents.

The smallest spectators have the opportunity to attend theater performances absolutely free of charge, as tickets must be purchased only for children over two years old.

Odesa, street Pasteur, 15