Musical comedy theater: schedule and tickets

The Musical Comedy Theater is one of the most modern and technically equipped venues in Odessa. It is located at Panteleymonovskaya Street 3.

The history of the theater began more than 70 years ago. And in the new building the collective moved in 1981. The theater hall accommodates more than 1000 seats and is equipped with everything necessary for holding various kinds of events. The troupe of the Musical Comedy Theater puts classical operettas, musicals, rock operas, comedies, plays and show programs for children. And the performances about Odessa and Odessa became a real visiting card of the collective. Here, the most talented artists shone and continue to shine.

In addition, on the basis of the Musical Comedy Theater, there are many touring events: humorous programs, musical concerts - from performances by contemporary popular performers to shows with the participation of a symphony orchestra. To see the poster of events in the Odessa Musical Comedy Theater you can at Book yourself a dose of vivid impressions in advance!

Odessa, ul. Panteleimonovskaya, 3