Theater on Tea House, Events and tickets

The favorite cultural space of Odessa citizens and guests, the Theater on the Tea Street, is located in the Primorsky district at the address: ul. Marazlievskaya, 34-a (in the former Palace of Students).

The diverse repertoire of the theater attracts spectators of all ages, with different tastes. A young talented collective staged plays by world-famous playwrights: William Gibson ("Two on a swing"), Berthold Brecht ("If Sharks Become People"), Jean-Paul Sartre, "Behind Closed Doors" and other authors. Subjects of works - comic and tragic - allow you to experience the whole gamut of emotions during viewing. In the Theater on Tea from the stage often sound long philosophical monologues. The performances sometimes pass with a minimum of scenery.

The collective of the theater calls itself the theater laboratory. There is still a search for your style here. Therefore, creative experiments are often conducted, during which each viewer can feel himself a member of a large family. Especially theater guests like to stay after the performance and discuss what they saw over a cup of tea.

See the playbill of the Theater at the Tea Theater at Hasten to enjoy the talented actor game!

Odessa, ul. Marazlievskaya 34 / a