Opera and Ballet theatre: schedule and tickets

An old resident of the theatrical life of Ukraine and one of Odessa's favorite vacation spots, the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, is located at the address: per. Tchaikovsky, 1.

This is the city center. A majestic structure, a monument of Ukrainian and world architecture, attracts the views of passers-by. And you just can not pass by without stopping to admire the beauty of the building. No less elegant and interior decoration. The style of the interior of the hall is later the French Rococo. A horseshoe-shaped structure made it possible to create a unique acoustics: the words of the actors, even uttered in a whisper, are well audible in all corners of the hall, accommodating up to 1600 spectators.

The repertoire of the theater is rich in works from the world's coin box of drama: Giselle, Nutcracker, Carmen, Traviata, Sleeping Beauty, Natalka Poltavka and others. The theater hosts concerts of Ukrainian and world pop stars, legends of opera and ballet. There are often concerts of symphonic music, literary evenings, creative meetings, festivals.

To see the playbill of the Odessa Opera and choose an event you can at concert.ua

Odessa, etc. Tchaikovsky, 1