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Theater space "TEO" welcomes guests not so long ago, since the fall of 2017. Unusual and attractive for the citizens and guests of Odessa is the location of the theater - under the ground. The TEO team is waiting for you at the following address: 18. This is the basement room of Osip Zizhevich's house in the historical part of Odessa.

Underground theater is a truly unique phenomenon for Ukrainian cultural life. Thanks to the special interior, the viewer is transported tens of centuries ago, plunging into a unique atmosphere. In addition to performances, the theater offers to visit interesting concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, lectures. There are video shows of such celebrities as Rob Wilson, Roberto Castellucci, Thomas Ostermaer, Ariana Mnushkina.

After viewing, viewers can discuss what they have seen and personal impressions with invited personalities from the art world. Within the framework of the project “Entry Free”, young directors and actors demonstrate their experimental work in the TEO Theater.

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Odesa, Military descent, 18

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Keys to Music: An Introduction to Critical Listening Keys to Music: An Introduction to Critical Listening 3 Events Keys to Music: An Introduction to Critical Listening 24.01 - 26.01.2020 In the basement 25 January 19:00, Sat In the basement Odesa, Theater TEO from 3.33 EUR In the basement Don't wish 25 January In the basement Theater TEO Buy Marriage 30 January 19:30, Thu Marriage Odesa, Theater TEO from 3.33 EUR Marriage Don't wish 30 January Marriage Theater TEO Buy Omut 08 February 19:00, Sat Omut Odesa, Theater TEO from 3.33 EUR Omut Don't wish 08 February Omut Theater TEO Buy Iphigenia. Apofeoz 15 February 18:50, Sat Iphigenia. Apofeoz Odesa, Theater TEO from 6.67 EUR Iphigenia. Apofeoz Don't wish 15 February Iphigenia. Apofeoz Theater TEO Buy