Ukrainian Theatre: schedule and tickets

Ukrainian theater is a reflection of a whole epoch in the cultural life of Odessa. The theater is located at ul. Pasteur, 15. The building is a monument of the cultural heritage of Ukraine (previously - Theater Sibiryakova). At the theater stop Odessa taxis and trolley bus number 2.

The auditorium with good acoustics and a convenient location of seats is designed for a thousand people. In addition to the main stage, there are experimental venues (“The Spectator on the Stage” and “Scene 38”). The repertoire of the Ukrainian theater consists of more than 25 performances. They are played by amazing actors, many of whom bear the title of People's and Honored Artist of Ukraine. Classical and modern works of domestic and foreign authors are put on the stage.

In addition to performances, interesting celebrity interviews, creative meetings with directors, and press conferences with famous artists are held at the theater. You can watch the poster of the Ukrainian theater at Touch the high art, fill your life with aesthetics!

Odessa, st. Pastera, 15