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VDNKh - photo #1 ВДНХ
VDNKh - photo #2 ВДНХ афіша
VDNKh - photo #3 ВДНХ квитки
VDNKh - photo #4 ВДНХ на concert.ua
VDNKh - photo #5 ВДНХ фото

Agree, it is difficult to find among friends who did not visit VDNKh (Glushkov Avenue, 1) at least once. To get there is easy - in a minute walk metro Exhibition Center.

Perfect open-air with a huge territory has to hold concerts and festivals in the summer. For example, 5-day Atlas Weekend: The Prodigy, John Newman, RÖYKSOPP, Kasabian, etc. And a few equipped pavilions allow VDNH to be an active location in the winter season ("Winter's Kraina", 3D show "Wartow Md" and " Dima taimnichih fit "). In addition to concerts and shows, the atmosphere is created by favorite photo areas, bars and food courts.

In general, there is something to remember. And there is something to strive for! We as though hint: ahead - set of the most interesting actions. Do not be aloof - come.

You can see the poster without getting up from a comfortable sofa - we have it on the site. Buy tickets - in the same place, online or with delivery. See you!

Kiev, Akademika Glushkov Avenue, 1