Exchange and refund

Definitions and abbreviations used herein are the same as those in the Public Offer available at (hereinafter the “Offer”)

Before buying a Ticket, please read the rules of the purchase cancelling and refund of the cash paid for the Ticket bought at с website.

These rules have been developed considering the requirements of the Ticketing Guidelines for Theatrical Entertainment Enterprises and Cultural and Educational Institutions, approved by Order No. 452 of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine dated 07.07.1999 (Internet link: (hereinafter the “Guidelines”).

According to Section X of the Guidelines, the funds paid for the tickets purchased shall be refunded by the event organizers only in case of the Event cancellation, rescheduling or change. There no other grounds for the refund for the Ticket purchased.

The Client who purchased the Ticket and made all necessary payments may contact requesting the Ticket refund and receive the money paid for it, in the following cases:
1. The Event cancellation
2. Change of the Event essential conditions (Event time, date or place)
3. Change of the Client’s plans for the day of the Event
4. Exchange of a previously purchased Ticket for a Ticket of another type for the same and/or another Event

In case of any of the above reasons, the Client shall contact with the relevant application (at: and provide a copy of his/her identification document.

The application must contain the applicant’s personal data (full name) and his/her tax identification number, the Event name, the number of Tickets and their barcode, the Nominal Value of the Tickets, the number of the applicant’s Bank Card (to which the funds will be transferred), date, and signature {if the Client applies to on the grounds provided for in clauses 3-4 hereof, the applicant shall also specify the grounds for application}. The application shall be accepted by only subject to the Client’s compliance with all specified requirements for such application.

The Client’s application made under clauses 3-4 hereof shall be accepted by only if received at least two (2) business days prior to the relevant Event. In such case, the decision to satisfy and/or refuse to refund the Client for Ticket purchased by him/her shall be made by the Event Organizer. shall refund the Client for the Ticket purchased by him/her in case of circumstances specified in clauses 1-2 hereof only if the Organizer has given the appropriate permission to and provided the latter with the necessary amount of funds.

Regardless of the grounds for application, shall not refund the Service Fee and Additional Services cost as well as shall not refund for the Ticket Delivery if such Delivery was additionally ordered by the Client. The refunds to Clients are made only by non-cash transfers.


- с Ticket refund service, regardless of the grounds therefor, shall be fee-based: 10 % of the Ticket Nominal Value. It means that the Client will receive 90 % of the purchased Ticket Nominal Value.
- Ticket refund service on the grounds provided for in clauses 1-2 hereof may be free of charge only if the Organizer refunds independently, without involvement of}. uarantee" service is your "insurance" in case of sudden change of plans, illness or any other reason why you can not use tickets.

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