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English Open Mic

28 травня 2024, вт. 18:30-20:30
Underground Standup Club Київ, вул. Золотоворітська, 15
від 200 ₴
від 200 ₴

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The Legendary and Best English Stand-Up Comedy Show is back in Kyiv!

If you come as part of the audience, you'll witness the most courageous comedians, both beginners and experienced, challenging themselves and each other in delivering stand-up comedy in English!

Also, you can take the stage yourself! All you need to do is REGISTER via our Instagram - @aminorfus, invite some friends, and join us on 14.05!

Date/Time: 28.05, 6:30 p.m;

Location: Underground Standup Club, Zolotovoritska st. 15

Tickets are available online or at the door (200 UAH).

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