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Postponed events all you need to know
25.07.2020 Max Korzh Odesa, Chernomorets Stadium
09, 16-19.07.2020 UPARK 2020 Sky Family Park
30.04.2020 Apparat + Telefon Tel Aviv ICCA OCTOBER PALACE
13.06.2020 Lenny Kravitz Palace of sports
16.08.2020 Caribou-live Art-zavod Platforma

Festival is a little life

Atlas Weekend 2020 08 July 14:00, Wed Atlas Weekend 2020 Kyiv, VDNH from 20 EUR Atlas Weekend 2020 Don't wish 08 July Atlas Weekend 2020 VDNH Buy Tattoo Collection 15 May 11:00, Fri Tattoo Collection Kyiv, VDNH from 5.33 EUR Tattoo Collection Don't wish 15 May Tattoo Collection VDNH Buy Odessa Classic: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra 11 June 19:00, Thu Odessa Classic: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Odesa, Odessa Regional Philharmonic from 1.67 EUR Odessa Classic: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Don't wish 11 June Odessa Classic: Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Odessa Regional Philharmonic Buy Kurazh ID 2020 15 February 12:00, Sat Kurazh ID 2020 Kyiv, VDNH from 50 EUR Kurazh ID 2020 Don't wish 15 February Kurazh ID 2020 VDNH Buy

Events in Ternopil

Tіn Sontsya 26 April 19:00, Sun Tіn Sontsya Ternopil, from 5 EUR Tіn Sontsya Don't wish 26 April Tіn Sontsya Buy O.Torvald New date 10 May 19:00, Sun O.Torvald Ternopil, Pulse Club from 6.33 EUR O.Torvald Don't wish 10 May O.Torvald Pulse Club Buy YUKO 23 May 19:00, Sat YUKO Ternopil, KOZA from 6.67 EUR YUKO Don't wish 23 May YUKO KOZA Buy RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! 28 May 19:00, Thu RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! Ternopil, KOZA from 3.33 EUR RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! Don't wish 28 May RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! KOZA Buy Антитіла 30 May 19:00, Sat Антитіла Ternopil, Ternopil City Stadium from 10 EUR Антитіла Don't wish 30 May Антитіла Ternopil City Stadium Buy Carmen Suite NEW DATE 06 June 18:00, Sat Carmen Suite Ternopil, T. Shevchenko Ternopil Drama Theater from 5 EUR Carmen Suite Don't wish 06 June Carmen Suite T. Shevchenko Ternopil Drama Theater Buy

Nationwide shows

Liam Payne 22 May 20:00, Fri Liam Payne Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 43 EUR Liam Payne Don't wish 22 May Liam Payne Stereo Plaza Buy Nightwish 29 May 20:00, Fri Nightwish Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 45 EUR Nightwish Don't wish 29 May Nightwish Stereo Plaza Buy Lenny Kravitz 13 June 19:00, Sat Lenny Kravitz Kyiv, Palace of sports Don't wish 13 June Lenny Kravitz Palace of sports Buy Asking Alexandria 17 October 20:00, Sat Asking Alexandria Kyiv, Stereo Plaza Don't wish 17 October Asking Alexandria Stereo Plaza Buy The Neighborhood 02 December 19:00, Wed The Neighborhood Kyiv, Palace of sports from 29.67 EUR The Neighborhood Don't wish 02 December The Neighborhood Palace of sports Buy Louis Tomlinson Статус уточнюється  14 April 20:00, Tue Louis Tomlinson Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 43 EUR Louis Tomlinson Don't wish 14 April Louis Tomlinson Stereo Plaza Buy