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To the organizers

We share your passion for music, spectacular events and quality shows. Over the years, we have learned from OWN mistakes and held many large-scale events. We know how to create successful events, and we are happy to share our experience with partners.

We help event organizers of all sizes: from small (for several dozen people), to stadium concerts and festivals for tens of thousands of spectators. We are caring, sensitive and understanding of others. Or just a reliable partner, if you do not really like to be friends 🙂

Concert.ua is one of the best ticket services, it is high-quality IT and marketing support of events and a team of professionals who make it all work together.

We offer:

  • An effective platform for sales management automation
  • Analysis of online statistics and reports
  • Pricing consulting and marketing strategy
  • Drawing up a sales plan and making forecasts

We provide ticket sales for your event online, linguistics by courier to any town in Ukraine, and organize sales through an extensive flock of offices.

On request We will support your events with advertising (context, social networks, email-mailing) and promotions. We can also help with the organization of entrance control and ticket sales at the entrance to the event.

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