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Hostess hostel Hostess hostel 2 Events Hostess hostel 20.01 - 26.01.2019 Earth 24 January 19:00, Thu Earth Rovno, from 0.91 EUR Earth Don't wish 24 January Earth Buy Be careful L'amour! 27 January 19:00, Sun Be careful L'amour! Rovno, from 0.91 EUR Be careful L'amour! Don't wish 27 January Be careful L'amour! Buy The night before Christmas 29 January 19:00, Tue The night before Christmas Rovno, from 3.64 EUR The night before Christmas Don't wish 29 January The night before Christmas Buy Shadow Theater TEULIS 01 February 19:00, Fri Shadow Theater TEULIS Rovno, from 3.64 EUR Shadow Theater TEULIS Don't wish 01 February Shadow Theater TEULIS Buy What are silent women 04 February 19:00, Mon What are silent women Rovno, from 3.03 EUR What are silent women Don't wish 04 February What are silent women Buy Lubomyr Melnyk. world tour 25 February 19:00, Mon Lubomyr Melnyk. world tour Rovno, from 4.55 EUR Lubomyr Melnyk. world tour Don't wish 25 February Lubomyr Melnyk. world tour Buy Svyatoslav Kondrativ One day in Paris Svyatoslav Kondrativ One day in Paris 14 Events Svyatoslav Kondrativ One day in Paris 7.03 - 13.04.2019 One in Canoe 03 April 19:00, Wed One in Canoe Smooth, Budinok Culture from 5.76 EUR One in Canoe Don't wish 03 April One in Canoe Budinok Culture Buy