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Concert.ua is a company that provides a service for selling tickets and is designed to satisfy the cultural needs of people: both creators of performing arts and its fans.

Since 2012, we have been striving for our viewers to be able to choose and attend exactly that event in every corner of Ukraine.

Honesty in relationships, competence of each employee, synergy in cooperation and passion for what we do - these are the values that inspire our team. These are not just words for us. These are the principles that we implement in our daily work, making every effort to provide better service to our customers.

Our team, like all Ukrainian companies, works today in difficult conditions in the service sector. #concertuacrew is more than 40 employees who invest their own efforts and potential to create innovative and reliable solutions for providing quality services in our field.

We structure our operations through six key departments, namely: Marketing, IT, Service, Operations, Finance and Business Development. This allows us to create a quality product.

We don't just build a staff, we build a team where every employee plays an important role in our success. The team's employee engagement rate is 85%, which shows that everyone in the company shares our mission and values.

Our eNPS (Employee Loyalty Score) is more than 80. It confirms that we create a favorable and inspiring work environment.

Our employees believe in joint success, and we believe in them. The average period of work of an employee in the company is 2.5 years, which proves our ability to provide conditions for self-realization and career growth.

We understand the importance of work-life balance, which is why the team works on a hybrid schedule. Our "You're almost there" loyalty system allows employees to attend the events they really want to attend, thanks to their corporate activity and awareness.

In our office, we have formed a corporate library of best-selling books of various genres and we fill it at the request of employees, we support colleagues in their desire to learn and develop in order to reach new heights together.

We take great pride in the way we invest in our team and help them reach their potential. It helps all of us operate at a strategic level and scale the company in any environment.

Concert.ua is looking for new talents to develop the company and strengthen the team. We value the potential and innovation that new people can bring.

If you want to learn about open vacancies and opportunities to join our team, please follow the link


Not just a job.