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Festival is a little life

Kali Street Fest 21 October 15:00, Fri Kali Street Fest Kyiv, Bel etage from 7.47 EUR Kali Street Fest Don't wish 21 October Kali Street Fest Bel etage Buy CONCERT.UA certificates Every day CONCERT.UA certificates Kyiv, Concert.ua from 8.01 EUR CONCERT.UA certificates Don't wish Every day CONCERT.UA certificates Concert.ua Buy Comic Con Ukraine 2022 02 September 12:00, Sat Comic Con Ukraine 2022 Kyiv, Art-zavod Platforma from 11.06 EUR Comic Con Ukraine 2022 Don't wish 02 September Comic Con Ukraine 2022 Art-zavod Platforma Buy

Events in Cherkasy

Wandering Stand Up Tour 16 October 17:30, Sun Wandering Stand Up Tour Cherkassy, Кав’ярня The Room from 3.73 EUR Wandering Stand Up Tour Don't wish 16 October Wandering Stand Up Tour Кав’ярня The Room Buy Grandma's Smuzi 04.11, 05.11, 06.11 ... 13.11 Grandma's Smuzi Grandma's Smuzi 04.11, 05.11, 06.11 ... 13.11 Grandma's Smuzi Buy Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up 01 January 00:00, Sun Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up Cherkassy, DK "Friendship of Peoples" from 11.45 EUR Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up Don't wish 01 January Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up DK "Friendship of Peoples" Buy

Nationwide shows

IL DIVO 08 October 19:00, Sat IL DIVO Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 17.09 EUR IL DIVO Don't wish 08 October IL DIVO National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy Kaleo 19 October 20:00, Wed Kaleo Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 31.77 EUR Kaleo Don't wish 19 October Kaleo Stereo Plaza Buy Till Lindemann 16 November 20:00, Wed Till Lindemann Kyiv, Stereo Plaza Don't wish 16 November Till Lindemann Stereo Plaza Buy Lindsey Stirling (відкрита дата) 01 January 00:00, Sun Lindsey Stirling (відкрита дата) Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 21.63 EUR Lindsey Stirling (відкрита дата) Don't wish 01 January Lindsey Stirling (відкрита дата) National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy