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We created concert.ua to share emotions not only during events but also outside them. If you did not miss a concert from your favorite stars, you could get on an important theatrical premiere and have time to buy tickets for the best New Year's show for children. So that the artists opened themselves to the audience, and the organizers - created the events, which will be said "we want more".

When it is a ticket to concert.ua - you start to live an event already during the purchase, because here they know how to do that you concentrate only on the pleasant.

Any event is not just a way to see an artist or a long-awaited performance, sing a favorite song or meet friends. These are emotions that inspire six months before and recharge for many days after. It's a reason to smile at an endless overshot, because the same speaker is being emitted from the speakers, or dressed like Lady Gaga, why not. Together with tickets for your favorite events, concert.ua presents a happy excitement that accompanies from the very moment of the order. Therefore, we are not just a convenient ticket office, we are suppliers of good mood.

The history of Concert.Ua began with the desire to create music and bring to Ukraine world-class stars. Therefore, one of the first successful modern media countries devoted to electronic music, as well as the first loudest performances by major DJs in the world, is also our work.

This means that we really understand how to create a mood, and not just "make a box office". And, in the end, so much more interesting!

We are constantly developing to help find an event like music fans, fans of theater and opera, Christmas trees and gastrofeasts. And in each case we try to make this experience really enjoyable - from the first visit to the site or to the ticket office. After all, the events are passing fast, and the exciting holiday feast and pleasant memories remain forever. Therefore, our goal is to multiply these moments of happiness and share them with you.