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Swan Lake 26 January 14:00, Sun Swan Lake Kyiv, Kyiv Conservatory from 6.67 EUR Swan Lake Don't wish 26 January Swan Lake Kyiv Conservatory Buy Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa 4 Events Leaning Tower of Pisa 26.01 - 16.03.2020 Zoykina apartment Zoykina apartment 3 Events Zoykina apartment 26.01 - 18.02.2020 Sleeping Beauty 26 January 18:30, Sun Sleeping Beauty Odesa, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater from 1.33 EUR Sleeping Beauty Don't wish 26 January Sleeping Beauty Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Buy Eugene Onegin 26 January 18:30, Sun Eugene Onegin Chernigiv, Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko from 3.33 EUR Eugene Onegin Don't wish 26 January Eugene Onegin Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko Buy Kachur. Double bass 26 January 19:00, Sun Kachur. Double bass Kyiv, Theater Actor from 2.67 EUR Kachur. Double bass Don't wish 26 January Kachur. Double bass Theater Actor Buy Bandura Style 26 January 19:00, Sun Bandura Style Kyiv, Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center from 10 EUR Bandura Style Don't wish 26 January Bandura Style Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center Buy Amazing case 26 January 19:00, Sun Amazing case Odesa, Theater of the young spectator from 3.33 EUR Amazing case Don't wish 26 January Amazing case Theater of the young spectator Buy Warsaw tune 2 26 January 19:00, Sun Warsaw tune 2 Odesa, Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy from 6 EUR Warsaw tune 2 Don't wish 26 January Warsaw tune 2 Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Buy A man came to a woman 26 January 19:00, Sun A man came to a woman Odesa, Clown house from 6 EUR A man came to a woman Don't wish 26 January A man came to a woman Clown house Buy Visiting a Sex Psychologist 26 January 19:00, Sun Visiting a Sex Psychologist Kyiv, Palace Ukraine (small hall) from 8.33 EUR Visiting a Sex Psychologist Don't wish 26 January Visiting a Sex Psychologist Palace Ukraine (small hall) Buy Fiddler on the roof Fiddler on the roof 2 Events Fiddler on the roof 26.01 - 23.02.2020 Stalkery Stalkery 3 Events Stalkery 26.01 - 18.03.2020 Unbearable people Unbearable people 2 Events Unbearable people 26.01 - 23.02.2020 Illusions 26 January 19:00, Sun Illusions Odesa, Theater on Tea from 1.33 EUR Illusions Don't wish 26 January Illusions Theater on Tea Buy Portal Hotel 26 January 19:00, Sun Portal Hotel Kyiv, Les Kurbas Center from 5 EUR Portal Hotel Don't wish 26 January Portal Hotel Les Kurbas Center Buy Natasha’s dream Natasha’s dream 5 Events Natasha’s dream 26.01 - 18.03.2020 Alice Sleep Alice Sleep 2 Events Alice Sleep 26.01 - 20.02.2020 What men are silent about 26 January 19:00, Sun What men are silent about mukachevo, Mukachevo Drama Theater from 5 EUR What men are silent about Don't wish 26 January What men are silent about Mukachevo Drama Theater Buy Professor in law 26 January 19:00, Sun Professor in law Kyiv, from 5 EUR Professor in law Don't wish 26 January Professor in law Buy The Jewish Clock The Jewish Clock 3 Events The Jewish Clock 26.01 - 21.03.2020 Depression medication Depression medication 3 Events Depression medication 26.01 - 16.02.2020 Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord's Ball ... Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord's Ball ... 5 Events Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord's Ball ... 26.01 - 17.03.2020 Don Juan. Cocktail 27 January 19:00, Mon Don Juan. Cocktail Kyiv, Theater Actor from 3.33 EUR Don Juan. Cocktail Don't wish 27 January Don Juan. Cocktail Theater Actor Buy

Theatre bill

In terms of content and variety of offers, a theatre playbill is as rich as a concert one, and the times when a visit to a performance was a rarity are left in the past.

Nowadays the audience of any age goes to the theatre with pleasure and inspiration. Bold modern productions of novice directors attract both students and experienced theatre-goers, and legendary stories loved by several generations never go out of fashion.

Except actors play, the special atmosphere of Ukrainian theatres is composed of a variety of details: these are a luxurious hall and carefully thought out scenery and costumes, as well as lighting equipment and acoustics.

Genres of plays

Various genres will help focus on some event to your liking:

  • comedy;
  • ballet;
  • drama;
  • tragedy;
  • extravaganza;
  • opera;
  • musicals.

It's pleasant that children's performances are also trendy! When planning entertainment for school holidays or a family weekend be sure to pay attention to the children's playbill of theatres.

Along with other captivating events for the audience, such as 3D shows and various festivals, the theatres of Ukraine not only impress with the repertoire diversity, but are also the country's national pride. The proof is majestic theatre facades, located on main squares of cities, and, of course, full houses.

How to buy tickets to theatre on Concert.ua

Be attentive: do not miss the long-awaited announcement! The best seats for high-profile premieres and legendary stories disappear within just a few days, and sometimes minutes.

Need a friend's recommendation? Just call to Concert.ua support service. Our managers will eagerly consult and help you choose an event to your preferences.

You can find the current playbill of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and other cities, as well as buy tickets for a certain performance in a convenient way: online or by ordering courier’s delivery.

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