Get money on the card in 3 days: no written statements and no waiting


According to the legislation of Ukraine, the return of funds for tickets for entertainment events is organized by the organizer and only in case of:

  1. Cancellation of the event.

In the event of these circumstances, the return of funds is carried out with in case the Organizer has given the appropriate permission to the, as well as the necessary amount of funds.


In case of one of the above reasons, the Client addresses to with a request through his personal account at the link To return you need:

  • choose an order you want to cancel;
  • in the upper right corner, click on three dots and select "Return Tickets."

The profile is created automatically, the authorization passes to the email address that was specified when ordering.

If the order is paid by the card on the site, the funds will be returned to it automatically. Customers paid for cash are also returned to the customer's card account - follow the prompts in your personal account.


From now on, when selecting events, pay attention to the "Refund Guarantee" mark.

If it is on the event description page, you can, at your own discretion (for any reason), through your profile, return the card to 90% of the nominal ticket price at any time before the date set by the organizer. After submitting a request for a refund, the order is canceled and the tickets become invalid.


  1. The return of the fee for services and the cost of additional services (including delivery costs) is not carried out.
  2. Refunds are made exclusively in non-cash form on a card account within 3 banking days from the date of cancellation of the order.
  3. Partial return of tickets from the order is not carried out.
  4. Only the buyer whose data is indicated in the order can contact the return of the funds.

Please pay attention to: does not refund cash in ticket offices. Return is made only by a non-cash transfer to the card account of the buyer.