23.05.2020 MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM Meteor Stadium
13.06.2020 Lenny Kravitz Palace of sports
16.04.2020 LP
Palace of sports
07.02.2020 Bob Moses Bel etage
28.02.2020 DREZDEN Bel etage
03.04.2020 Misha Marvin Bel etage
11.02.2020 Bring me the horizon Stereo Plaza
20.05.2020 Joe Bonamassa National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"
22.09.2020 Ludovico Einaudi National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"
12.05.2020 BEHEMOTH Stereo Plaza
25.03.2020 Tima Belorusskih Palace of sports

Festival is a little life

Atlas Weekend 2020 08 July 14:00, Wed Atlas Weekend 2020 Kyiv, VDNH from 20 EUR Atlas Weekend 2020 Don't wish 08 July Atlas Weekend 2020 VDNH Buy Winter Mass VII 25 January 16:30, Sat Winter Mass VII Kyiv, MonteRay Live Stage from 9.33 EUR Winter Mass VII Don't wish 25 January Winter Mass VII MonteRay Live Stage Buy SuperNatural Wine Festival 29 February 12:00, Sat SuperNatural Wine Festival Kyiv, from 6.67 EUR SuperNatural Wine Festival Don't wish 29 February SuperNatural Wine Festival Buy Odessa League of Laughter 03 March 19:00, Tue Odessa League of Laughter Odesa, Ukrainian theater from 2.67 EUR Odessa League of Laughter Don't wish 03 March Odessa League of Laughter Ukrainian theater Buy

Events in Brovary

The Scriabin group 10 February 20:00, Mon The Scriabin group Brovary, Terminal from 11.67 EUR The Scriabin group Don't wish 10 February The Scriabin group Terminal Buy For two hares 14 February 19:00, Fri For two hares Brovary, from 5.67 EUR For two hares Don't wish 14 February For two hares Buy What are silent men or Savage Forever 16 February 19:30, Sun What are silent men or Savage Forever Brovary, Terminal from 7.33 EUR What are silent men or Savage Forever Don't wish 16 February What are silent men or Savage Forever Terminal Buy Backstage comedy 10 March 19:00, Tue Backstage comedy Brovary, from 5.67 EUR Backstage comedy Don't wish 10 March Backstage comedy Buy Aurica Rotaru 11 March 19:00, Wed Aurica Rotaru Brovary, from 8.33 EUR Aurica Rotaru Don't wish 11 March Aurica Rotaru Buy Groom called, girls? 28 March 19:00, Sat Groom called, girls? Brovary, from 5.67 EUR Groom called, girls? Don't wish 28 March Groom called, girls? Buy

Nationwide shows

KAZKA 2-nd ticket free 04 March 19:00, Wed KAZKA Kyiv, Palace of sports from 11.67 EUR KAZKA Don't wish 04 March KAZKA Palace of sports Buy Grand Rock Piano Show 19 January 19:00, Sun Grand Rock Piano Show Kyiv, HC KPI from 6.67 EUR Grand Rock Piano Show Don't wish 19 January Grand Rock Piano Show HC KPI Buy Dimash Kudaibergen 11 March 19:00, Wed Dimash Kudaibergen Kyiv, Palace of sports from 23.33 EUR Dimash Kudaibergen Don't wish 11 March Dimash Kudaibergen Palace of sports Buy BMTH 11 February 20:00, Tue BMTH Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 53.3 EUR BMTH Don't wish 11 February BMTH Stereo Plaza Buy Lenny Kravitz 13 June 19:00, Sat Lenny Kravitz Kyiv, Palace of sports Don't wish 13 June Lenny Kravitz Palace of sports Buy Ludovico Einaudi 22 September 20:00, Tue Ludovico Einaudi Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 33.27 EUR Ludovico Einaudi Don't wish 22 September Ludovico Einaudi National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy YUNA 2020 24 March 19:30, Tue YUNA 2020 Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 9.67 EUR YUNA 2020 Don't wish 24 March YUNA 2020 National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy