Victor Pavlik. Acoustic program

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Why should you go to the concert of Viktor Pavlik?

1. To meet the eye with the artist, whose songs the whole Ukraine loves.
2. To hear confessions of love from Viktor Pavlik himself.
3. In a warm atmosphere of the acoustic format, feel something unspeakable in words.

A unique romantic of the Ukrainian stage, the favorite of all women - Viktor Pavlik! Your attention - a special acoustic program. Do not miss!

At the concert, the most lyrical songs of the main "Shikidima" of the country will be performed. A unique acoustic format is the best way to get as close to the audience as possible and convey the most subtle emotions to each listener in the audience. Your favorite compositions will be performed by the team of Viktor Pavlik and K (quintet).

Violin and viola will merge in a touching tandem. They will be echoed by acoustic guitar and kahon, complementing each other in an uncontrollable musical-sensual whirl... "Afini, Kyiv, Istanbul", "Tee podobaeshsya meni", "City of green color" - these and many more other songs want to hear in a live performance, fans of Viktor Pavlik. But, knowing the artist, you can surely expect pleasant surprises.

Each concert of the amazing Victor Pavlik is an ocean of love, a sea of tenderness and a huge amount of optimism that radiates a terrific artist. Come for a good mood! See you!

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