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Crazy dreamers Crazy dreamers 14 Events Crazy dreamers 23.11 - 08.12.2019 Circus Premiere of 28 November 19:00, Thu Circus Premiere of "Cage for Two" Kyiv, Национальный Цирк Украины from 3.33 EUR Circus Premiere of Don't wish 28 November Circus Premiere of "Cage for Two" Национальный Цирк Украины Buy Journey Through the Looking Glass 73 Events Journey Through the Looking Glass 19.12 - 12.01.2020 CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. CRYSTAL CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. CRYSTAL 7 Events CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. CRYSTAL 13.02 - 16.02.2020


Circuses in Ukraine are one of the most favourite and recognized entertainment. Children adore them for their magic and fantastic atmosphere, parents – for obvious advantages: affordable ticket price and regular updates of the events bill.

Masters of circus art surprise and amaze young viewers with their talents:
  • flexible acrobats;
  • skillful jugglers;
  • trapeze artists;
  • charismatic mimes;
  • agile magicians;
  • brave trainers;
  • masterly equilibrists;
  • mysterious illusionists.

Clowns, mobile circuses and Christmas shows

Circus performances are always associated with clowns. Nowadays everything is different: the artists of this genre are up-to-date and able to make a child laugh, not to scare. The ironic miniatures, clear and funny jokes and interactive plays with the auditorium – all these moments raise your spirits and allow smiling sincerely.

Mobile circuses of Ukraine provide the opportunity of getting acquainted with a variety of trained animals.

Breathtaking New Year performances in the circus deserve particular applause. Ice shows, large-scale performances, carefully prepared costumes and scenery, accompaniment of a live orchestra – all this creates a truly incredible atmosphere.

The thickest and most elegant Christmas trees, wise Father Christmas with a charming Snow Maiden, sweet gifts and Christmas wonders – only here! Note: tickets during school holidays are very popular and are bought up long before the event. Keep up with the circus program in your city!

A visit to a national circus or a chapiteau is a long-awaited event for every child. Got an invitation to a birthday party or any other children's holiday? Now you know what to do! Tickets for the show are a great present for your child’s friends.

Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Nikolaev, Kherson and many more cities! You can find the richest current bill of circuses in Ukraine on Concert.ua 24/7. The date and time, the address of the venue, the detailed layout of the seats in the hall and the cost of all ticket categories are given here.

Need help to make a choice? Just contact our support service. Managers will be glad to share feedback, help you select seats in the hall and provide detailed information concerning content of each program.

No doubt: a family visit to the circus of Ukraine is a cool tradition. Keep up with the schedule and be sure to attend the best shows in the world of circus art!

How to buy tickets to circus shows on Concert.ua

You can get tickets in any convenient way: buy online, get through the courier’s delivery or have a walk to one of our ticket offices.

See you in the arena!