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Improvisation Sparrow 17 September 19:00, Tue Improvisation Sparrow Dnipro, from 6.67 EUR Improvisation Sparrow Don't wish 17 September Improvisation Sparrow Buy IYOV. Special event DNIPRO GOGOLFEST 28 September 19:00, Sat IYOV. Special event DNIPRO GOGOLFEST Dnipro, Aero cosmic museum from 10 EUR IYOV. Special event DNIPRO GOGOLFEST Don't wish 28 September IYOV. Special event DNIPRO GOGOLFEST Aero cosmic museum Buy French Kiss 14 November 19:00, Thu French Kiss Dnipro, Dnipro Academic Drama and Comedy Theater from 3.33 EUR French Kiss Don't wish 14 November French Kiss Dnipro Academic Drama and Comedy Theater Buy Cell 3 Events Cell 11.12 - 15.12.2019

Theatres in Dnepr

Remembering about art and visiting theatres in Dnepr is a carefully planned cultural leisure, rather than a pleasant tradition.

Set it right. As only in the performance such human talents as artistry, vocal and choreography are masterly intertwined. And no films, books, reviews of critics or friends will replace your own impressions of a particular production.

Dnepr theatre events bill

Take time for you – appreciate a rich Dnepr events bill and genres variety:

  • ballet;
  • drama;
  • comedy;
  • tragedy;
  • extravaganza;
  • opera;
  • musicals;
  • children's performances.

The scenery, costumes and the play of actors, music accompaniment and lighting in the hall. The atmosphere in the theater is always shrouded in some kind of magic and significantly different from the more habitual entertainments, like cinema or concerts. And not only our observations confirm this, but also feedback from our friends and colleagues.

A visit to your favourite theatre in Dnepr is always a great idea. It’s just that eternal skill that does not lose its relevance even after a lot of years. The proof of this are many plots and stories that have been loved by several generations.

The repertoire is updated regularly. If you get confused because of the assortment or you need to find an event for a certain date – just contact our support service.

You can look through the Dnepr events bill online at any time convenient for you. And also to clarify the details: date and time, the venue, the layout of seats in the hall and the cost of all categories of tickets. A brief description of each event is attached.

How to buy tickets to theatre events in Dnepr on Concert.ua

You can buy tickets in any convenient way: online, to order courier’s delivery or purchase in the ticket office. And a couple of tickets for the loud premiere are a perfect gift for close friends or parents. It’s like a hint.

See you in the auditorium!