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Night with Count Caliostro 22 June 19:00, Sat Night with Count Caliostro Kyiv, Actor`s House from 2.33 EUR Night with Count Caliostro Don't wish 22 June Night with Count Caliostro Actor`s House Buy Vasya should call 22 June 19:00, Sat Vasya should call Kyiv, Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro from 2.5 EUR Vasya should call Don't wish 22 June Vasya should call Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro Buy Little Comedy Big House 22 June 19:00, Sat Little Comedy Big House Kyiv, New Ukrainian Theater Art Center from 8.33 EUR Little Comedy Big House Don't wish 22 June Little Comedy Big House New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Buy Біла ворона Біла ворона 1 Event Біла ворона 22.06 - 22.06.2019 Metamorphosis 22 June 19:00, Sat Metamorphosis Kyiv, from 7.83 EUR Metamorphosis Don't wish 22 June Metamorphosis Buy Hedda Gabler 22 June 19:00, Sat Hedda Gabler Kyiv, from 7.33 EUR Hedda Gabler Don't wish 22 June Hedda Gabler Buy The Wind Raging in Poplars The Wind Raging in Poplars 2 Events The Wind Raging in Poplars 22.06 - 23.06.2019 My homemade wild fox 23 June 12:00, Sun My homemade wild fox Kyiv, New Ukrainian Theater Art Center from 5 EUR My homemade wild fox Don't wish 23 June My homemade wild fox New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Buy On the brink 23 June 18:00, Sun On the brink Kyiv, Korolyov Culture House from 4 EUR On the brink Don't wish 23 June On the brink Korolyov Culture House Buy Deceit and love 23 June 19:00, Sun Deceit and love Kyiv, Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama from 1 EUR Deceit and love Don't wish 23 June Deceit and love Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Buy Instinct 23 June 19:00, Sun Instinct Kyiv, New Ukrainian Theater Art Center from 8.33 EUR Instinct Don't wish 23 June Instinct New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Buy Richard III Richard III 1 Event Richard III 23.06 - 23.06.2019 Necklace & Who is stronger 23 June 19:00, Sun Necklace & Who is stronger Kyiv, Kyiv fortress from 3.67 EUR Necklace & Who is stronger Don't wish 23 June Necklace & Who is stronger Kyiv fortress Buy Jewish Watch (KHAT) 23 June 19:00, Sun Jewish Watch (KHAT) Kyiv, Actor`s House from 2.33 EUR Jewish Watch (KHAT) Don't wish 23 June Jewish Watch (KHAT) Actor`s House Buy Khlebchik Show 23 June 19:00, Sun Khlebchik Show Kyiv, CARIBBEAN club from 6.67 EUR Khlebchik Show Don't wish 23 June Khlebchik Show CARIBBEAN club Buy Deceit and love Deceit and love 1 Event Deceit and love 23.06 - 23.06.2019 Juliet and Romeo Juliet and Romeo 1 Event Juliet and Romeo 24.06 - 24.06.2019 The Road Without End The Road Without End 1 Event The Road Without End 24.06 - 24.06.2019 CHARLOTTE: Tri-color Performance with Music 25 June 19:00, Tue CHARLOTTE: Tri-color Performance with Music Kyiv, Kiev Drama Theater in Podil from 6.67 EUR CHARLOTTE: Tri-color Performance with Music Don't wish 25 June CHARLOTTE: Tri-color Performance with Music Kiev Drama Theater in Podil Buy Sorochinsky Fair Sorochinsky Fair 1 Event Sorochinsky Fair 25.06 - 25.06.2019 House of the Madmen House of the Madmen 2 Events House of the Madmen 25.06 - 01.07.2019 GolokhvastOFF GolokhvastOFF 1 Event GolokhvastOFF 25.06 - 25.06.2019 Black square. Topless. All inclusive 25 June 19:30, Tue Black square. Topless. All inclusive Kyiv, Bel etage from 4.97 EUR Black square. Topless. All inclusive Don't wish 25 June Black square. Topless. All inclusive Bel etage Buy Watch out, women! 26 June 19:00, Wed Watch out, women! Kyiv, Palace Ukraine (small hall) from 6.67 EUR Watch out, women! Don't wish 26 June Watch out, women! Palace Ukraine (small hall) Buy

Theatre playbill in Kyiv

The start of the theatrical season in Kiev is always a small holiday for Kyivans and guests of the capital, and even more interesting and pleasant to make it even more useful is the actual poster of theaters in Kiev, which is always at hand.

Oktyabrsky Palace, National and Small Opera, House of the architect, Palace Ukraine, Kiev Conservatory, House of Officers, VDNH, ATLAS and even the Green Theater.Modern performances are easily collected not only in classical theater halls, but also in other interesting locations.

Get rid of the imposed framework and visit the play in an unusual place for yourself.Steep emotions and impressions are guaranteed!

Genres of plays in Kyiv

Legendary stories, proven by centuries, or a new adventure story written by a young screenwriter? Two people on stage or a troupe of 50 people on stage? Repertoire and theme of modern productions - for every taste and mood:

  • timeless classics;
  • flashing comedies;
  • complex dramas;
  • heavy tragedy;
  • exquisite musicals;
  • favorite poetry;
  • folk and jazz;
  • ballet.

For acquaintance on our site there is always a brief description of any performance.Find out the exact date and time, get acquainted with the cast, study the layout of the seats in the hall and see the addresses of theaters in Kiev also at Concert.ua.

Sometimes it's not easy to make a choice. In this case, there are two possible options: to buy tickets for all the events that you like (believe me, this is an excellent investment), or to seek advice from our support team.

Based on your preferences and wishes, our managers will recommend which performances you should pay attention to. That only for adults, and where you can take your child. Where you will find easy romance and humor, and where a difficult dramatic story for an amateur.

Going to the theater involves any company. It is equally cozy here you can feel yourself alone, and with your loved one, friends or parents.

Just imagine how steep and bright your grandmother will be impressed by discovering as a gift for your birthday not a set of pots or woolen threads for knitting, but ... a couple of tickets to the theater for one of your favorite plays and a beautiful dress! Be sure to use our idea.

Undoubtedly, the Kiev theaters are less popular cultural entertainment than a concert or cinema. This is a valuable new experience: the chamber environment, the discerning audience, the actors' dialogues, the outfits and the scenery - here every trifle involves disconnecting from everyday life and completely immersing yourself in what is happening on the stage.

But which places do you prefer - a parterre, a mezzanine, a balcony or lodges? This is already a matter of your personal taste and budget. But, be calm: usually, the location of seats in theatrical rooms assumes excellent visibility and excellent acoustics from any corner.

How to buy tickets to the theatre in Kyiv on Concert.ua

You can see the repertoire and buy tickets to many theaters in Kiev on our website.And in this there is a huge plus - there is no need to spend time standing in lines and adjusting to the schedule of work of cash offices.

Choose a show for your soul and make out tickets - online or with delivery. If you are a fan of tickets on forms, we are waiting for you at any box office Concert.ua, which are located almost in every corner of Kiev, in large shopping centers.

And remember that after loud announcements and long-awaited premieres - it's not easy to buy tickets to the theater, because they are in great demand. Therefore, it is better to purchase the best places at the most pleasant prices in advance.

Do not hesitate for a long time, just take the time for yourself. Put the phone aside and enjoy the art. We assure you will like it.

See you in the auditorium!