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Kyiv Food and Wine Festival 18 May 11:00, Sat Kyiv Food and Wine Festival Kyiv, VDNH from 200 ₴ Kyiv Food and Wine Festival Don't wish 18 May Kyiv Food and Wine Festival VDNH Buy Kyiv tattoo convention 11 May 11:00, Sat Kyiv tattoo convention Kyiv, Колонна зала ВДНГ (павільйон №1). from 270 ₴ Kyiv tattoo convention Don't wish 11 May Kyiv tattoo convention Колонна зала ВДНГ (павільйон №1). Buy YUNA 2024 23 May 18:00, Thu YUNA 2024 Kyiv, ICCA OCTOBER PALACE from 599 ₴ YUNA 2024 Don't wish 23 May YUNA 2024 ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Buy FANCON 08 June 12:00, Sat FANCON Kyiv, International Exhibition Center from 490 ₴ FANCON Don't wish 08 June FANCON International Exhibition Center Buy SuperNatural Wine Festival 01 June 12:00, Sat SuperNatural Wine Festival Kyiv, from 2000 ₴ SuperNatural Wine Festival Don't wish 01 June SuperNatural Wine Festival Buy Mother's Day concert 01 May 18:00, Wed Mother's Day concert Kyiv, ICCA OCTOBER PALACE from 150 ₴ Mother's Day concert Don't wish 01 May Mother's Day concert ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Buy Hearing: Live 11 May 18:00, Sat Hearing: Live Kyiv, Bel etage from 499 ₴ Hearing: Live Don't wish 11 May Hearing: Live Bel etage Buy Lemusin: golden hits of Ukrainian pop music 14 June 17:00, Fri Lemusin: golden hits of Ukrainian pop music Kyiv, Bel etage from 499 ₴ Lemusin: golden hits of Ukrainian pop music Don't wish 14 June Lemusin: golden hits of Ukrainian pop music Bel etage Buy Comic Con Ukraine 2024 07 September 12:00, Sat Comic Con Ukraine 2024 Kyiv, Art-zavod Platforma from 450 ₴ Comic Con Ukraine 2024 Don't wish 07 September Comic Con Ukraine 2024 Art-zavod Platforma Buy Rock for Victory 19 May 18:00, Sun Rock for Victory Kyiv, ICCA OCTOBER PALACE from 250 ₴ Rock for Victory Don't wish 19 May Rock for Victory ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Buy Atlas Festival 06 July 14:00, Sat Atlas Festival Kyiv, VDNH from 600 ₴ Atlas Festival Don't wish 06 July Atlas Festival VDNH Buy Wizard day 27 July 11:00, Sat Wizard day Kyiv, Signal Event Hall from 300 ₴ Wizard day Don't wish 27 July Wizard day Signal Event Hall Buy CONCERT.UA certificates Every day CONCERT.UA certificates Kyiv, Concert.ua from 250 ₴ CONCERT.UA certificates Don't wish Every day CONCERT.UA certificates Concert.ua Buy

Festivals in Kyiv

Festivals are a small life full of the coolest emotions and impressions, and the richest bill of festivals in Kyiv can be found only at Concert.ua.

Festivals unite people who create music with those who are in love with it. This is the Universe of dreams, when during the evening you can listen to not only one favourite band, but several at once. When the next day everything isn’t over but, on the contrary, only begins.

It's cool that every year cultural activity in the capital is going forward. Kyiv festivals are arranged to surprise the viewer to the maximum: line-ups are full of long lists consisting exceptionally of prominent musicians, and the names of the headliners are not inferior to the top world festivals.

You have for sure been at one or even several large-scale events:

  • Аtlas Weekend;
  • Upark Festival;
  • White Nights;
  • Hedonism;
  • Ostrov;
  • Belive.

Weekend festivals

In addition to music festivals in Kyiv, the weekends have been captured by such cool events as Street Food, Courage Bazaar, film festivals and many other interesting projects.

In the warm season of the year events take place in the open-air format. This is a special, unspeakable atmosphere. So, as a venue organizers choose VDNG, the “Platforma” Art Plant, the Singing Field, the Convention and Exhibition Centre “Parkovy”, Sky Family Park, Trukhanov Island or just one of the picturesque parks.

How to buy tickets to the festivals in Kyiv on Concert.ua

There is a great opportunity to get early birds tickets to festivals in Kyiv – tickets at a deliberately lowered price. The offer is popular among fans, for the closer the date – the higher the entry price.

Those interested can purchase not only a season ticket, but also a ticket for one day. This suits those who want to listen to a particular artist or do not have spare time to stay for the entire period.

Need help or advice on festivals in Kyiv? Our support service managers will eagerly consult you on all issues and guide you in the range of events.

You can buy a ticket in any convenient way: online, by a courier’s delivery or at one of our ticket offices.

See you!