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0%Mercury 02 June 18:30, Sun 0%Mercury Warsaw, VooDoo Club from 35 zł 0%Mercury Don't wish 02 June 0%Mercury VooDoo Club Buy VIVIENNE MORT. CANDLELIGHT CONCERT 07 July 19:00, Sun VIVIENNE MORT. CANDLELIGHT CONCERT Warsaw, Progresja from 90 zł VIVIENNE MORT. CANDLELIGHT CONCERT Don't wish 07 July VIVIENNE MORT. CANDLELIGHT CONCERT Progresja Buy
A live concert of your favorite band - a phrase from which the skin is immediately covered with goosebumps, and special memories of the performances come to mind. It feels like it was so long ago, but what now? And now the opposite: you are not going to the concert of your favourite Ukrainian artist, but he is coming to you. Are you in Poland? Then meet the schedule of concerts in Warsaw.

Concerts of Ukrainian artists in Warsaw

Ukrainians in Warsaw, there are many of us! Let's like in the good old days - choose the most desirable concert or several, gather the company of family and friends, remember the lyrics of your favourite songs and have fun.

Imagine for a second: you are at a live concert, and in front of you - your favourite Ukrainian artist sings one of the main songs of your playlist. These are special feelings after which you realize - everything will definitely be fine.

Among the best and top performers: Arsen Mirzoyan, MONATIK, The Hardkiss, Quest Pistols, One in a Canoe, Second River, Jamala and others. The current list of concerts in Poland is available in a selection. It is updated regularly, so you will definitely not miss the new announcements.

Where to buy tickets for concerts in Warsaw?

Tickets for concerts in Warsaw are available online at Concert.ua