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Grandsma's Smuzi 05 October 20:00, Wed Grandsma's Smuzi Wroclaw, Akademia Klub from 80.12 EUR Grandsma's Smuzi Don't wish 05 October Grandsma's Smuzi Akademia Klub Buy Grandsma's Smoothies 01.10, 02.10, 04.10 ... 16.10 Grandsma's Smoothies Grandsma's Smoothies 01.10, 02.10, 04.10 ... 16.10 Grandsma's Smoothies Buy
An atmosphere of joyful excitement before the performance, the first lights of the stage, songs in unison with the native band and certainly the last song on the devil, the joy of waiting after buying a ticket and gratitude for a new valuable experience. Ukrainians in Wroclaw, do you miss these feelings? Then catch the poster for concerts in Wroclaw.

Performances of Ukrainian artists in Wroclaw

It's not something you put in an anxious suitcase and it's not a necessity - so now we are used to assessing whether something is worth our time or not. But these are special emotions and feelings that cannot be confused with any other. They make the heart beat faster and add thirst to life. We now sometimes lack this drive, but the fighting spirit will not support itself.

Concerts of Ukrainian artists in Wroclaw are just such a desirable opportunity to reboot, be among their own and continue the struggle with new strength.

Not enough charge, movement, drive? MONATIK, The Hardkiss, Quest Pistols, Second River are responsible for this. Arsen Mirzoyan, One in a Canoe, Jamala, if you want to dream and relax. Music can affect our emotional state and only you know what you need right now.

Where to buy tickets for concerts in Wroclaw?

Tickets for concerts in Wroclaw are available online at Concert.ua