Dakh daughters

19 October 2019, Sat. 19:00
Ukrainian Theatre Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
from 9.67 EUR
from 9.67 EUR

About event

WHY IS IT GOING TO GO TO A Dakh Daughters Concert?

1. Incredible combination of music, theater and female charisma.
2. Dakh Daughters performed not only in different cities of Ukraine, they conquered the scene in France, Germany, Poland, Austria and other countries.
3. Be sure - the girls will set the heat!

They applaud Seattle and San Francisco, they write about The New York Times and Rolling Stone. Dakh Daughters Band freak cabaret returns home after a big tour of America and Canada. They are ready to meet with their Ukrainian audience on October 7 in the concert hall of the Theater. M. Zankovetskoy.

Dakh Daughters project Center "DAH" and Vlad Trinity. This group has no analogues in the Ukrainian music scene. Their work is a combination of extravagant images, classical instruments and experimental sound. Ukrainian folk, French rap and reggae jams, these are the components that the group organically combines in their music. Their songs are different non-linear parts. At first it may seem that this is just a cacophony of sounds, but after a moment you are picked up by the rhythm and you understand the author’s subtle creative intent. Dakh Daughters is intellectual music for modern people. Music makes you think and make a choice. This is the manifesto of a reasonable man.

"Ukrainian Septet, which allegedly came down from the drawings of Edward Gori or the films of the Brothers Kvey", - Rolling Stone.

"In packs and military boots with white-painted faces, Dakh Daughters walked around the scene like conquerors who walk in a foreign territory. They pronounce the lyrics with shouts, hisses and challenges, and sometimes all the voices gather in exquisite folk harmonies. Their vocals belongs to completely different worlds, including heavy metal, punk and Balkan folk songs. They wonderfully handle their instruments: they play the violin, pressing it to the hip, playing the cello, tilting it at an incredible angle, the contrabass player forced and strument sound slapping at him, and drummer stomped on the pedal bass drum, as if each time was pressing on him a cockroach ", - The New York Times.

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