Golden chicken

3 February 2019, Sun. 13:00
Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater Kyiv, Street Hrushevsky, 1a
from 2.42 EUR
from 2.42 EUR

About event

Sly, cunning and very practical Fox offers Wolf, who constantly dreams of somewhere to steal food and eat to satiety - a simple method of "honest" enrichment. To do this, you just need to take away the golden egg from the golden chicken, sit it out and wait for the Golden Chickens to appear, carry a golden egg daily.

Therefore, having such a golden treasure, the Fox and the Wolf will get rich, and then, having selected the house from Grandfather and Baba, they will “live honestly” and “eat well”. The credo of this red-headed robber: "When a robber is" honest, then this is not robbery! " Naive Wolf agrees to such a plan. He kidnaps the testicle, incubates it, waits for Chickens to appear, and ... And then the incredible will take place! The newly born Golden Chicken calls Vovk first “Mommy” and then “Father”! And in the wild Vovka paternal instinct wakes up, and helps him to affection, to help him, and eventually change for the better.

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