22 September 2018, Sat. 12:00
from 3.46 EUR
from 3.46 EUR


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About event

Why go to the show "Golden Chicken"?

1. We will teach you to make rhymes
2. Amazing tale-musical
3. An extraordinary adventure

"The grandmother and her grandmother got rid of Chiba Ryaba ...". This fabulous "news" is known to all children. But imagine that "the mouse did not run, the tail did not wake, the testicle did not fall and did not break ..."! That's where everything started !!!

More precisely, the play "ZOLOTE KURCHATKO", which the actors of the Theater "Ladybird" offer to young spectators and their parents, begin with this. Events in the fairy tale develop lightning! Khitra Lisitsa and her "friend" Vovk took possession of a golden egg ... Soon there was a pretty golden Kurchatka ... What awaits him? How will it live in this world? Who will replace his mother with a whip? ..

The answers to all these questions will be received at the "GOSHIA KOROVKA" theater of the Center for the arts "New Ukrainian Theater", in the tale-musical "ZOLOTE KURCHATKO". And, as in a real musical, wonderful songs, inflammatory dancing, bright costumes and ... WELCOME TO ROME! But everything, everything ... not! No more telling anything! Because there will not be a surprise!

Hurry to the fairy tale!

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