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It's easy to get a dose of subtle humor and fun!

alented actors will gather on one stage to delight the audience, make them laugh and charge them with good mood. Don't miss the comedy "NO SEX, BUT YOU STAY!" IN KIEV! This comedy production will brighten up your evening and will be remembered for a long time!

Why is it worth going to a performance from the Divnі People Theater?

  1. Author's performances, live music and a huge dose of humor.
  2. The opportunity to spend time easily and naturally. Get to know yourself and laugh at the problems that we don't even notice behind the hustle and bustle of our life
  3. Emotional lift and good mood are guaranteed

Bright, cheerful, bold male comedy from the theater "Wonderful People" will show and tell about the differences between the sexes, about stereotypes and delusions that people often succumb to. The eternal theme of Men and Women is revealed from a new perspective. Sharp jokes and author's musical accompaniment complement the performance.

As John Gray wrote, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Indeed, we have a lot of differences, but also a lot in common. There are many stereotypes that are not always true. For example, they say that men are less talkative, and if they get together, then in order to discuss important matters. And women certainly gossip and discuss men. But it was not there! Just listen to what men talk about after a working day, when they are going to relax in bars, those are still gossips and talkers.

This male comedy will be a real revelation for women and a fun production for men. In the characters, you will recognize yourself or your loved ones, you will be able to evaluate yourself from the outside and laugh at familiar life situations. An unexpected plot, frank dialogues, sparkling jokes and realistic reincarnations of actors on stage will give you a lot of pleasure.

A huge dose of humor, unexpected twists and turns and virtuoso performance of the actors of the theater "Wonderful People" Artem Novikov, Yuri Gromovoy and Vitaly Serditov. Frank dialogues, sparkling jokes and, of course, in the best traditions of the theater, live author's music.

Theatrical stand-up - this is how you can characterize the genre in which we work. Wonderful people are life stories, observations, inner experiences that actors share with the audience. It is also a unique combination of the action taking place with live music performed by invited talented musical groups. Over time, all this turned into a symbiosis of the Theater and Stand up. This is what the Divnі people theater is like.

Gentlemen, we invite you to the reckless, but full of charisma theater "Wonderful people"!

Performance in Russian

Age restriction 16+

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