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Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style

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Performance Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style in Kyiv! On March 8-9, the sold-out performance Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style will take place at the VDNG Concert Hall in Kyiv.

Reasons to attend the show "Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style" in Kyiv

  1. Spectacular music and dance performance with an excellent plot.
  2. On the stage there are real stars of the Ukrainian stage and show business.
  3. A dynamic production with unexpected development.

Bright humorous performance "Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style" in Kyiv

On March 8-9, we invite you to the VDNG Concert Hall (Expocenter of Ukraine) for a stunning performance, which collects an absolute sold out - Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style! Music and dancing, amazing acting, a spectacular plot and excellent humor are the components of a wonderful evening. Invite your loved ones and friends to give a great mood and a sea of unforgettable impressions!

You can order tickets right now.

An original plot and great actors: the comedy of Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style on the stage of the VDNG Concert Hall

The best-selling performance tells the incredible story of men living in a provincial town in Britain. All the heroes of the production are left without work after the closure of the metallurgical plant, the only "breadwinner" for most families in the provincial hinterland. In search of earnings, the former workers of the plant decide to take an insane, at first glance, step: to assemble a team of strippers. This adventurous venture has many pitfalls. But in the end, the viewer sees how the "ugly ducklings" turn into the recognized heroes of their town.

Now taste the stellar cast of artists:

  • Anton Lirnik - actor, TV presenter, resident of the Comedy Club (Chekhov Duet), member of the judges of "The League of Laughter";
  • Vlad Yama is a famous dancer, a judge of the TV projects "Dancing with the Stars", "The League of Laughter", etc .;
  • Alexander Pedan - actor and showman, resident of Comedy Club Ukraine;
  • Sergei Bibilov - actor, participant in humorous projects "Country U", "Zirkonavty", etc .;
  • Oleg Sobchuk - frontman of the rock group SKAI;
  • Alexander Stankevich is an actor, a prominent member of the Odessa Mansy team, as well as the projects "Country U", "Zirkonavty", etc .;
  • Anatoliy Anatolich - author and producer of the project "Ze Interviewer";
  • Alexandra Mashlyatina - actress of the projects "Women's Kvartal", "The League of Laughter" and others.

Where to buy tickets for the Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style in Kyiv?

Get tickets for the Ladies' Night. Kyiv Style is available on the Concert.ua website.

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