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Operetta reveals secrets. Excursion

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Why should you go to the theater on the "Operetta Reveals Secrets" Tour in Kyiv?

  1. A new format of interesting leisure time.
  2. A unique opportunity to touch the secrets of the theater.
  3. Impressions that you will not get anywhere else.

Excursion "Operetta Reveals Secrets" in Kyiv

Kyiv operetta invites all connoisseurs of the genre and those who are just getting ready to discover this exquisite art for themselves, on an incredible tour. The history and present of the theater and many, many unique facts about the life of the operetta - don't miss it!

Everything about the world of musicals and operettas

The National Operetta of Ukraine is a place where it is impossible not to sing. Do not believe? - Then come on a special tour and see for yourself. You will learn:
  • what is the difference between a people's house and a theater and why Mykola Sadovsky was allowed to rent a building on the outskirts of the capital where the dressing room of Maria Zankovetska was located;
  • when the operetta theater was founded and why its director was in mortal danger;
  • how the theater turned into Kyiv's Versailles and how multi-genre and creative experiments are implemented in its activities today;
  • what happens in the dressing room, costuming and prop shop.
Be sure to spend time in an inspired, refined atmosphere. Try on a vintage top hat and try to distinguish mock fruits from real ones. Get to know the secrets of stage transformations - it will be unforgettable! Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the "Operetta Reveals Secrets" Excursion in Kyiv?

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