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About the artist


A fresh breath of Ukrainian intelligent music

The highest score from the jury of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024 and a long way to the status of one of the most promising bands of Ukraine - all this is about the Kyiv band Ziferblat. The team was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Daniil and Valentin Leshchynsky. Later, drummer Fedir Khodakov joined soloist Daniil and guitarist Valentin. And although the talented trio became a discovery for the general public only thanks to their participation in the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, the work of creating their own image and finding their own style was constantly carried out by the musicians.

Creative path and unique concept

The first release of Tsiferblat was released in 2017, it was called "Kinoseance", and already in 2019, work on the creation of the studio album "Transformations" (2023) began. In the same 2019, the musicians take part in the popular show "X-Factor" with their own song "At Night". And already in 2022, Ziferblat makes its first attempt to enter the list of finalists of the National Selection of the Eurovision Song Contest, but only makes it to the longlist. Despite this, a significant reward for the boys this year was the strong public support for the new music video for the song "Earth". Thus, Tsiferblat declared themselves as a unique group that does not force their music into stylistic frameworks and emphasizes the quality of sound, purity of vocals and visual component creativity. The group's personal record also includes several solo concerts and participation in many music festivals. And although the members of the collective do not seek to position themselves as "great conceptualists and intellectuals", precisely such a noble status is beginning to be firmly established for them.