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The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2019 21 December 17:00, Sat The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2019 Kyiv, Bingo from 10 EUR The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2019 Don't wish 21 December The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2019 Bingo Buy Second All-Ukrainian Slimer Festival 14 December 11:00, Sat Second All-Ukrainian Slimer Festival Kyiv, CEC Parkovy from 6.67 EUR Second All-Ukrainian Slimer Festival Don't wish 14 December Second All-Ukrainian Slimer Festival CEC Parkovy Buy Grand Final of the XIV National Beauty Contest 14 December 19:00, Sat Grand Final of the XIV National Beauty Contest "Princess of Ukraine-2019" Chernigiv, Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko from 2 EUR Grand Final of the XIV National Beauty Contest Don't wish 14 December Grand Final of the XIV National Beauty Contest "Princess of Ukraine-2019" Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko Buy Atlas Weekend 2020 08 July 14:00, Wed Atlas Weekend 2020 Kyiv, VDNH from 20 EUR Atlas Weekend 2020 Don't wish 08 July Atlas Weekend 2020 VDNH Buy

Festivals in Ukraine

The number of festivals in Ukraine has increased over the years. And if before you knew about almost each of them, now it is important to go deep and explore the assortment.

The thing is buying a ticket you take an exciting journey, completely distract from everyday life and take time for personal “restart”. You just relax enjoying music and communication with friends; collect the coolest memories that will fill you with energy and inspiration during all upcoming year.

Music festivals

Music festivals are truly outstanding events, loved by the public. This is the magic, when during one evening you can listen to not just one favourite artist or band, but several at once. When you do not need to take a vacation, buy air tickets and fly to a concert within the international tour of your idol, for the artist comes to meet you personally.

Top world stars and the best Ukrainian artists – line-ups of Ukrainian music festivals bills are full of exceptionally big names, and headliners amaze even the most demanding viewers.

Most events are held in the warm season in the open-air format. This allows creating a special atmosphere, wonderfully combining freedom, drive and unity with nature.

It is just impossible to imagine summer without one of these large-scale events:

  • Atlas Weekend;
  • Brave Factory;
  • Faine Misto;
  • Respublica;
  • Rock-Bulava;
  • Hedonism;
  • Strichka
  • Z-Games;
  • Ostrov;
  • U-Park;
  • Zaxidfest.

We recommend purchasing season tickets to music festivals in Ukraine beforehand. Early birds tickets – tickets at a deliberately lowered price – are very popular among fans.

In addition to music festivals, weekend events involve Street Food, Courage Bazar, White Nights, GogolFest, International Bar Show BAROMETER, Wine Festival and Whiskey Dram, variable sports, playing and film festivals, authentic acoustic festivals and many other cool projects.

How to buy tickets to festival on Concert.ua

The most complete festivals bill is presented at Concert.ua. The date and time, the city and the exact address of the venue, the cost of all entry categories, as well as a brief description of each event can be found here.

You can buy tickets in any convenient way: online, to order a courier’s delivery or purchase at the ticket office.

See you at the festivals!