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Peter and the Wolf 26 September 12:00, Sat Peter and the Wolf Kyiv, Kyiv Symphony Hall from 6.67 EUR Peter and the Wolf Don't wish 26 September Peter and the Wolf Kyiv Symphony Hall Buy Peter and the Wolf 26 September 15:00, Sat Peter and the Wolf Kyiv, Kyiv Symphony Hall from 6.67 EUR Peter and the Wolf Don't wish 26 September Peter and the Wolf Kyiv Symphony Hall Buy Peter and the Wolf 26 September 18:00, Sat Peter and the Wolf Kyiv, Kyiv Symphony Hall from 6.67 EUR Peter and the Wolf Don't wish 26 September Peter and the Wolf Kyiv Symphony Hall Buy Alice's incredible adventures Alice's incredible adventures 2 Events Alice's incredible adventures 10.10 - 10.10.2020 Thumbelina 10 October 12:00, Sat Thumbelina Odesa, Ukrainian theater from 0.67 EUR Thumbelina Don't wish 10 October Thumbelina Ukrainian theater Buy Great chemical show 11 October 15:00, Sun Great chemical show Kyiv, Palace Ukraine (small hall) from 1.67 EUR Great chemical show Don't wish 11 October Great chemical show Palace Ukraine (small hall) Buy The Wizard of Oz 18 October 12:00, Sun The Wizard of Oz Odesa, Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy from 3.33 EUR The Wizard of Oz Don't wish 18 October The Wizard of Oz Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Buy Musical Blue Bird 24 October 13:00, Sat Musical Blue Bird Odesa, Russian theater from 2.67 EUR Musical Blue Bird Don't wish 24 October Musical Blue Bird Russian theater Buy Mermaid 14 November 12:00, Sat Mermaid Odesa, Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy from 2 EUR Mermaid Don't wish 14 November Mermaid Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Buy Museum of Interesting Science Every day Museum of Interesting Science Odesa, from 3 EUR Museum of Interesting Science Don't wish Every day Museum of Interesting Science Buy Certificates CONCERT.UA Every day Certificates CONCERT.UA Kyiv, Concert.ua from 8.33 EUR Certificates CONCERT.UA Don't wish Every day Certificates CONCERT.UA Concert.ua Buy

Performances for children

You can look through the richest bill of current performances for children in all cities of Ukraine online at any time convenient for you.

The variety of the coolest children's events allows you to make the right choice. Sometimes, even select several events at once! The entertainment range is for any taste and budget:

  • dolphinarium;
  • fine ballet;
  • fairy tales;
  • especially beautiful musicals;
  • children's fashion shows;
  • modern 3D-shows;
  • concerts and festivals;
  • planetarium;
  • theatres for children;
  • circus performances;
  • performances with orchestra;
  • various quests and master classes.

The plots of shows are constructed in such a way that enables of unobtrusive conveying simple truths to the children: good and evil, truth and lies; the importance of following your dreams and respect for parents and friends.

New Year's family shows

It’s necessary to have rest and fun at any season of the year! Surely, New Year's plays for children deserve special attention. Amazing ice shows, breathtaking snow scenery, light and music accompaniment, Father Christmas with the Snow Maiden and sweet gifts!

The magic atmosphere in the arena surprises and fascinates not only children, but also adults! We recommend not delaying and planning winter holidays in advance: tickets for the best seats are usually taken very fast.

There is always a big variety of tickets to the main Christmas tree of the country, Christmas events and versatile children's performances. While deciding of a performance pay attention to the location. This will allow you to realize the scale and general atmosphere, consider the time your trip will take not to be late and in a hurry, and also have information about various details: if there is a cafeteria or a cafe, whether souvenirs will be sold.

It's cool that the variety of concert venues in Ukrainian cities makes it possible to hold events for children of any level: be it a chamber theatre performance or a large-scale circus show with acrobats flying up under a circus dome.

Anybody can accompany the children: parents, grandmother or nanny, kindergarten group or school-mates. Moms and dads know for sure with whom their child feels safe, easy and comfortable.

By the way, tickets for one of the children's shows are a great present for birthday or any other occasion. Just choose an event according to hobbies and age of the baby: what is cool for 5-year-olds may be absolutely uninteresting for older children, and vice versa.

Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv and more than 30 other cities! In each of them, every day, a lot of children's programs are held. Keep abreast of all events and regularly observe the events bill online.

How to buy tickets to performances for children on Concert.ua

Concert.ua presents the full events schedule in all cities of Ukraine, as well as the date and time, the address, the detailed plan of the hall and a brief description of each event.

Need a consultation on the nearest or most popular activities for children? Just contact our contact center. Managers will eagerly guide you in the schedule, share feedback and help you make the right choice basing on your request.

And you can buy tickets in any convenient way: online, to order a delivery by courier or buy at the ticket office.

Now the question “where to go with a child at the weekend?” is not difficult any more. Just because you can study children’s events bill in your city beforehand and carefully plan your cultural leisure.

Dragons or princesses? Some hi-tech show or the good old circus? Whatever you take, the result will be a lot of positive emotions and great memories.

The weekends that you will be eager to repeat again and again. Let family visits to various events become not chaos and stress, but a perfect tradition!

See you at children's shows in Ukraine!