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Circus shows in Kyiv

Children's world of wonders and entertainment, favorite circus in Kyiv is comfortably located in the heart of the city, on Victory Square, 2.

Kids appreciate it for the atmosphere and mood, parents - for obvious advantages:

  • affordable ticket prices;
  • regular updating of the repertoire;
  • convenient location - city center;
  • performances of world stars of circus art.

For more than 140 years the oldest stationary circus in the country has pleased its viewers. Earlier, in the city there were only wooden and canvas circuses that did not stay in one place for a long time. They were disassembled after several months of work.

Now, the powerful dome of the central circus is visible from afar, and marching on performances is a huge holiday for the whole family. In addition to the circus arena and auditorium for 2100 seats, the building has a foyer, buffets, an additional arena with a balcony and technical rooms.

Circus art is a huge and mysterious world, and its talents and genres are amazing:

  • Mimes;
  • acrobats;
  • equilibrists;
  • jugglers;
  • conjurers;
  • illusionists;
  • trainers;
  • aerialists.

And, of course, clowns. Where without them! Not those that sometimes frightened and brought children to tears (here everyone remembered his trip to the circus a certain number of years ago). A cool and modern, with a great sense of humor and a mass of blanks to surprise and hit children of any age.

From the scenery, harmonious play of the orchestra and light effects to the dialogues. Everything is built in such a way as to fully capture the attention of young spectators, to give them a feeling of a fairy tale. The subjects of the show teach simple truths: good and friendship, respect the elders and protect the weak, achieve cherished desires and always tell the truth.

The National Circus is an excellent occasion to see a lot of trained animals. The performances are attended by trained dogs and cats, horses, porcupines, monkeys, parrots, llamas, tigers and bears. There are shows with the participation of wild reptiles - crocodiles, snakes and lizards. Many of them can be photographed.

Circus executives and artists say that four-legged artists are just as full members of the circus troupe as they are.Quality care for them - one of the priorities of the team.

New Year and Christmas programs in circus

And what are New Year and Christmas programs worth?Unique ice shows and grandiose productions? No doubt: The main Christmas tree of the country and the best winter performances - only in the Circus!

Who was - he knows who was not - invite! Preparation and scale of the program are always impressive for both adults and children. The largest and most beautiful Christmas tree, beautiful and fabulous Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden - only here!

The circus of Kiev circus is regularly updated. You never guess what enchanting action or high-tech show is waiting for you next time. But, not to be planned, it will be first class! Watch the schedule!

How to buy tickets to circus shows in Kyiv on Concert.ua

Do not waste time on the road and turn at the box office.View the layout of seats in the hall and buy tickets online. All our upcoming events are presented on our website. The cost is available for each parent's budget (children under 5 years old admission is free, without providing a separate seat).

If you need tickets to circus on forms as a gift - you can always order delivery by courier. Will deliver directly to the door of the house or office at a time convenient for you.

Are there any questions or need a recommendation? Write or call the Concert.ua support center. Our managers will gladly share their feedback, help you find the best places and orient you to a more detailed filling of each program.

Celebrating of Birthday with friends or the organization of a corporate campaign on a vacation with a school class.The choice is yours! Of course, in the era of gadgets and digital technologies there are many other alternatives for children's pastime.

But, let's be sincere: nothing will replace the grandiose and touching, truly lively and wise, old-good Kyiv Circus.

See you in the arena!