24 August 2020, Mon. 20:00
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from 10.00 EUR
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NO OBMEZHEN in Odessa! We are waiting for you 2020-08-24 at 20:00 at the MORVOKZAL Summer Concert Arena, Odessa.
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Why is it worth going to the concert of the group BEZ OBMEZHEN in Odessa?

1. Visit the live of one of the most touring bands in the country.
2. Become a member of the historical tour "Milyardi".
3. Kayfonut to the drive and sincere compositions of your favorite team.

Concert of the group BEZ OBMEZHEN in Odessa

On August 24, a big concert of the famous Ukrainian group BEZ OBMEZHEN will take place on the stage of the Seaport. The musicians announced a grandiose program of new products and proven hits. It will be honest, beautiful, lyrical and atmospheric. Do not miss!

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BEZ OBMEZHEN will perform on the stage of the Seaport as part of the "Milyardi" tour

The musicians will meet their Odessa fans within the framework of their largest tour in support of the new album "Milyardi". And the concert in Odessa will become one of the final events of the large-scale tour.

All the friends of the group will have a grand show. The program will conquer on a grand scale and give moments of pure happiness to all spectators. Romantic novelties, driving hits and endless charisma of Sergei Tanchints are a win-win combination for a cool evening!

The main theme of the new album "Milyardi" is love: for loved ones, for the native land, just for people. The new disc becomes a bright stage in a new era of Ukrainian music, and you will be among the pioneers!

The long-term creative history of the BEZ OBMEZHEN group was marked by wide recognition among Ukrainians and outside our country. The band was named "The Best Rock Group" by the M2 and M1 channels. Today, BEZ OBMEZHEN are sold out and continue to give the energy of their creativity to thousands of people.

Where to buy tickets for a concert WITHOUT OBMEZHEN in Odessa?

Tickets for the BEZ OBMEZHEN concert on the stage of the Sea Station in Odessa are available at Concert.ua.