Les Podervyansky

16 July 2020, Thu. 19:00
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR

About event

Les Podervyansky in Kiev! On July 16, on the stage of the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kiev, the author will read out his best works.

Why is it worth visiting the performance of Les Podervyansky?

1. Hear satirical works “first hand”, or rather - the mouth!
2. Once again, make sure that his plays are not without reason dispersed into quotes.
3. Spend an evening full of good mood and laughter.


An artist by occupation and a writer by occupation, he became famous even at a time when swearing forums on the Internet were not even invented. The works of Lesya Sergeevich became famous among the Ukrainian intelligentsia and thinking people as a sharp satire on modern realities. Back in Soviet times, his works, read on audio tapes, were first distributed among close friends, and subsequently much wider.

action one

The author of such famous masterpieces as "Diana", "Katsapi", "Hamlet" will read his works from the stage. As a rule, adult spectators attend his performances, because the satirist does not choose expressions and often adds quality profanity.

action two

His plays diverged into quotes a little more than completely. And now Les Podervyansky is a frequent guest at various conferences devoted to the modern Ukrainian language and the place of profanity in it.

a curtain

Even without leaving home, tickets for a satirical evening can be purchased on the site concert.ua.