Les Poderv'yansky. Пpichni p'єsi vіd author

5 September 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR
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About event

Why go to the creative evening of Les Podervyansky?

1. The writer will read his most popular plays.
2. Satire of Poderviansky is full of sharpness, his skill is impeccable.
3. Charisma, strong humor and live communication with the genius of the Ukrainian satire.

The author of such famous masterpieces as "Diana", "Nirvana", "Katsapy", "Hamlet" and other imperishable pieces again read his works from the big stage. We invite, as a rule, an adult audience, as in his works the author does not select words and often sprinkles their lines with an impeccably mat.

At this evening there will be nothing superfluous, everything is “in the theme”: a full hall, a comfortable chair and in it is a cult author.

The recognized genius of the Ukrainian literature, Les Podervyansky “planted” more than one generation of our compatriots on his work. And many of them are constantly quoting favorite lines from vivid works. Satire of Podervyansky is full of sharpness, his skill is impeccable. The author, playing, creates unique plays, combining in them political banter, allegory, rudeness and common sense, undisguised irony. And this is all that you lack right now.

Come for a great mood and friendly communication. See you later!