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6 August 2024, Tue. 19:00-21:00
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from 250 ₴
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About event

The performance "Dress" in Odesa will take place on July 7, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at the Theater of Music Comedy (M. Vodiany OATMK).

Why is it worth going to the theater to the play "The Dress" in Odessa?

  1. A vivid performance in which topical problems are revealed in an unusual way.
  2. Masterful and emotional performance.
  3. Unforgettable, powerful viewing impressions.

The play "The Dress" in Odessa

"The Dress" is a brilliant dance performance from the creators of the famous musical "Princess Olga". The following worked on the creation of the play:
  • author of the idea, director and production designer Denys Rudy;
  • composer Denys Aksyonov.
The project management is the concert agency OlegArt production.

The performance, the depth and power of which the viewer will gradually discover

The play "Dress" is an intoxicating mixture of sensuality and provocation. Unusual work with the help of various stories reveals the essence of human sin. In every dress and dance - a wave of passions and desires, weakness and endless search. A deep, expressive, captivating performance will surely touch the thinnest strings of the soul and remind of the importance and power of self-knowledge, morality and honor.

Where to buy tickets for the performance "The Dress" in Odessa?

You can order tickets online at Concert.ua.